Kate Payne/ WFSU

Environmental activists are sounding the alarm as a fracking bill continues to move through the Florida Legislature. Hundreds flocked to the Old Capitol Wednesday to raise their voices in protest.

PETA Criticizes Python Challenge

Jan 6, 2016

Since 2013, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has involved the public in fighting the invasive Burmese python. But the animal rights group PETA is criticizing the effort.

Panthers Claw For Space In Crowded Sunshine State

Dec 18, 2015
Connie Bransilver / USFWS

Following a successful breeding program in the 1990s, Florida panther populations are recovering from historic lows. But with more cats, come more complications.

Lance Cheung

Floridians for Solar Choice is uniting an unlikely crew in support of their 2016 ballot initiative.

Jason Tereska / WFSU News

The decline of the Apalachicola Bay has long been blamed on increased water use upstream—in Georgia. Critics also blame the Army Corps of Engineers for holding water in Lakes Lanier and Seminole—not letting enough run downstream to feed the Apalachicola Bay. But not everyone believes the Bay’s problems are entirely the fault of water management policies.