6:41 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

How Dolphins' Fish Diet May Help Detect Potential Threats To Floridians' Health

Credit FAU's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute via twitter

A study linking Floridians’ seafood consumption, dolphins, and increased levels of mercury is leading researchers to say dolphins may be the key to identifying public health risks in humans.

On average, Floridians consume more seafood than the general U.S. population. And, human exposure to mercury tends to come from the consumption of fish and shellfish. Too much could become a health hazard.

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6:15 pm
Fri July 18, 2014

Scientists Want To Speak Directly To Scott, Not Administration, About Climate Change

Credit MGN Online

Governor Rick Scott says his administration is willing to meet with 10 scientists who want to speak with him about climate change. But, the scientists say they don’t want to speak to Scott’s staff about the impacts of man-made global warming has on Florida, they want to speak to Scott directly.

According a short documentary film from the National Geographic gives a short overview about climate change:

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WFSU Local
10:08 am
Thu July 17, 2014

Florida, Georgia Officials Working To Clean Up Lake Talquin Pollution

Lake Talquin has been identified as "impaired" by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
LHatter WFSU News

North Florida’s Lake Talquin is getting a house call from the state’s environmental doctors. Officials are targeting the lake as part of ongoing efforts to clean up polluted water bodies.

Lake Talquin is not a natural formation; it’s man- made. And the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Greg DeAngelo  says that makes addressing pollution a little harder. A big part of fixing Talquin’s problems is determining total maximum daily loads, or TMDL’s—that's the maximum amount of pollution a water body can handle while still meeting water quality standards.

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7:00 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

How Dolphins’ Genetics Could Help Find Answers Into Mysterious Animal Die-Off

FAU Harbor Branch research biologist Sarah Rodgers conducting a study on dolphin genetics in the Indian River Lagoon.
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

A discovery into dolphin genetics may have brought research scientists one step closer to finding out the source of a mysterious animal die-off last year in the troubled Indian River Lagoon.

“Now, I gotta good one for you: if you’re swimming in the water and a fin comes up right by you, how can you tell instantly whether it’s a shark’s fin or a dolphin’s fin,” asked Barry Legé.

The answer? A shark fin is more straight, while a dolphin’s fin is more curved.

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5:07 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

Part 3: Renewed Push For Oil Sparks Concern In Florida; Laws Unclear Even As Company Pulls Out

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Vinyard oversees experts taking water samples at Collier-Hogan well June 26.
Credit Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Florida officials are grappling with how to regulate fracking after a Texas-based oil company used a similar procedure in a Southwest Florida exploratory well. Now the company says it’s pulling out of the area, but its activities have brought the issue of fracking to the forefront. 

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