The Daisies in the front with (L-R) Raya Pruner, Marvin Friel, and Park Manager Joshua Hodson.
Nick Evans

This weekend, Florida’s beaches will be teeming with families enjoying an extra day off, but that can be bad news for some of the wild families who call the dunes home. But a Tallahassee troop of Daisy Girl Scouts is using some of its cookie money to help protect shore nesting birds.

Florida State Parks

A group of local scientists and environmentalists met Friday to discuss the health and conditions of Northwest Florida’s waterway. The group is concerned about how state officials are handling water issues.

Center for Advanced Research and Teaching

A pair of bills pending in the legislature would strengthen Florida’s out-of-date laws on oil drilling. The review of the rules comes after a Texas oil company ran afoul of the state environmental protection agency last year.

This year's Everglades Action Day is all about clean water conservation. The annual ecological awareness event was kicked off by a special guest singer who flew in all the way from Margaritaville.

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Call it the “CC” word. The allegations have been floating around the Capitol for weeks – Governor Rick Scott has a gag order on members of his administration – use any words or phrases related to climate change and you’re history.