FL Gov. Rick Scott
The Florida Channel

State Cabinet officials approved Florida Forever’s annual work plan Tuesday.  It includes several dozen plots of environmentally sensitive land.

Associated Press

Florida’s Python Hunting season is back, and the state has expanded the search for invasive Burmese Pythons into Everglades National Park.

President Barack Obama is hoping to boost renewable energy through the EPA's new Clean Power Plan.
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This week the Environmental Protection Agency announced the final draft of its Clean Power Plan—a new set of rules aimed at lowering carbon emissions from power plants.  Supporters and opponents break along familiar lines, but new polling suggests Florida voters may be on the side of reform.

Environmentalists Sue Over Bear Hunt

Jul 31, 2015

Environmentalists filed suit Friday against the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission seeking to stop the state’s first bear hunt in two decades.

Deepwater Horizon drilling platform on fire in 2010.
US Coast Guard

Last week Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced a settlement between BP and the five Gulf States impacted by the Deep Water Horizon Spill.  So what does that mean for Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties—two of the areas hit hardest by the spill?