Election 2008
12:31 am
Mon October 13, 2008

Obama Volunteers Make a Big Push to Win Florida

Democratic and Republican operatives say they are intensifying get out the vote efforts
Henzel Design

Tallahassee, FL – The Obama campaign is counting on high voter turnout to win Florida in the presidential election.

Obama field director in Leon County, Lance Williams, explained the organizing principle of the the campaign strategy to volunteers.

"Everybody knows that Florida is still Florida. Is that right? We know how important Florida is. Right? We know that these 27 electoral college votes that we are going to need to win are going to have to come from right here," Williams said.

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Election 2008
11:19 am
Fri October 10, 2008

Florida: Statewide No Speech Zone

You must register with the state of Florida before you can distribute such pamphlets.

Tallahassee, Florida – Lawyers for a consortium of neighborhood, state and national groups are challenging a Florida Campaign Finance Law. James Call reports, they say it creates a statewide no speech zone.

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Election 2008
11:22 am
Mon October 6, 2008

Ghost of Past Elections Haunts Florida

Democratic voter registration drives have flooded county offices with voter registration applications. Meanwhile, the GOP is concentrating effort on increased absentee voting.

Tallahassee, Florida – Monday, Oct. 6 is the deadline to register to vote in this year's general election, when city commissioners, state legislators and of course, the next president of the United States is selected. James Call has the story.

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Election 2008
4:50 am
Fri September 26, 2008

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to Visit FAMU

Michelle Obama

Tallahassee, FL – Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will lead a voter drive in Tallahassee this weekend. Nada Herbly has more.

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Election 2008
11:25 am
Tue September 9, 2008

Florida Democrats Outpace Republicans in Voter Registration

Tallahassee, FL – Democrats in Florida have increased voter registration at nearly triple the rate of Republicans in Florida this year.

Nearly a quarter of a million new Democratic voters have registered since January.

Rickards High School in Tallahassee, which is located in a typically Democratic district, held a voter registration drive on Tuesday.

"If you don't vote, don't complain," Mayor John Marks told the students.

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