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Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, the Democratic chief executive of Florida’s third-largest city, says he’s not worried by the latest polls that put former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton neck-and-neck with billionaire Republican Donald Trump in the Sunshine State.

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Although Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to have paved a clear path to the Republican and Democratic nominations, dissatisfied voters are still looking for ways to circumvent those candidates in the general election. With about two months to go before nominations are decided, unrest continues to grow.

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Donald Trump is the likely Republican Presidential nominee. That, despite an effort by some Republicans to block his path to the White House. Governor Rick Scott recently penned a letter urging party unity for Trump. But now another Florida Republican has penned an open letter laying out a choice: party or principle.

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Donald Trump is the Republican party’s de facto nominee for president and that’s already leading people to ask who he might select as a running mate. Regan McCarthy reports one name that’s coming up on several lists is Florida Gov. Rick Scott

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Pundits are floating Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson as a possible vice presidential nominee. But Nelson is quiet on the subject.

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Mac Stipanovich is a longtime presence in Florida’s Republican politics. He’s been a lobbyist, advisor and campaign director. And he’s the latest in a line of Florida Republicans who do not want to see a Donald Trump Presidency. Stipanovich has penned an open letter encouraging others to reject Mr. Trump.

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Governor Rick Scott is asking for party unity ahead of the Republican Nominating convention later this summer. In a facebook post, Scott reiterated his support for Donald Trump, and is asking state Republicans to do the same.

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In preparation for the Republican convention, North Florida party officials have selected their delegates.

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State Democratic Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda is garnering attention for her recent comments on Donald Trump, calling his policies ‘fascinating’. But a local GOP leader thinks she’s pandering to conservative voters.

State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Florida Governor Rick Scott is backing Republican front runner Donald Trump’s bid to be the party’s presidential candidate. /

Florida voters delivered Donald Trump some 99 delegates Tuesday, bringing him one big step closer to the nomination. But the Trump phenomenon has two sides: for and against.

The Valdosta Police Department is refuting claims they ejected 30-40 protesters from Donald Trump’s campaign rally based on race.  Valdosta's Chief of Police posted a lengthy statement on the incident to the department’s facebook page.

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Georgia voters head to the polls today to decide who they want as the Democratic and Republican Presidential nominees. Hilary Clinton is leading Democrats in that state, and Donald Trump is heavily favored to win in the Republican contest.

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Valdosta State University will host Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Trump will speak at the school's P.E. Complex February 29, in the run-up to Super Tuesday.

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Hundreds of Muslims gathered in the Florida Capitol Thursday, to lobby and engage in the political process. The event is part of an annual Muslim day of advocacy, but this year is different: it’ s an election year.


Florida Governor Rick Scott says he doesn't plan to endorse any candidate before the March primary. But in an editorial published by USA Today, Scott says Donald Trump is "capturing the frustration of Americans".

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A group of Tallahassee Muslims joined other faiths for a weekend rally outside the Historic Capitol building. The goal was to condemn acts of violence and terrorism and promote peace.

Starting this weekend, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is slated to be in Florida as part of a book tour.