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Gillum Says No To Congressional Bid For Now

Dec 4, 2015 /

According to an advisor of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, some are calling for the mayor to run for Congress. But that may not be the case anytime soon.

The coalition map approved by the Florida Supreme Court Wednesday.
Florida Redistricting website

The Florida Supreme Court has signed off on a new Congressional district map. The court approved the new map in a 5-to-2 decision.

There are murmurs around the Capitol in support of a independent redistricting commission.  Would it fix reapportionment?
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The bitter fight over Florida’s political boundaries has brought some legislative leaders to the conclusion the state needs a new system for drawing maps.  But the independent commission that many on the left have spent years clamoring for isn’t a silver bullet.

The Florida Supreme Court.
Nick Evans

Florida may have entered the home stretch in its multiyear effort to revise its congressional districts.  The case came before the state Supreme Court Tuesday for the second and likely last time.

The Florida Supreme Court is next up in the state's congressional redistricting case.
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In a big win for the League of Women Voters, Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis recommended their version of the state’s congressional borders to the Florida Supreme Court.  The Justices asked him to review a number of different proposals and send them the most constitutional draft.

Senate mapmaker Jay Ferrin on the stand.
The Florida Channel

Florida’s congressional map is now in the hands of Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis.  Hearings concluded Monday in the long-running court case.

Judge Terry Lewis questioning Jason Poreda.
The Florida Channel

A series of court hearings began Thursday to determine which congressional map will go before the Supreme Court for approval.  Up to this point, arguments have primarily focused on districts in North and Central Florida.  But now the arguments center on two south Florida districts.

A state lawmaker's comments may put the question of prison populations back on the front burner in upcoming redistricting debates.
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The Republican Party has committed an unforced error on the eve of two pivotal court hearings in Florida’s congressional district revision.  A state lawmaker was caught on tape touting the importance of prisons in unseating a Democratic incumbent.

Attorneys huddling ahead of Friday's hearing.
Nick Evans

The deadline for parties to submit their ideas for Florida’s congressional map will be Monday.

The so-called base map from the 2015 congressional redistricting special session.
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Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli extinguished any remaining flickers of hope that state lawmakers could come together and approve a congressional map ahead of a circuit court hearing.