civil asset forfeiture

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The Department of Justice is promising a return to the law and order enforcement policies of the war on drugs.  Some Republican lawmakers are worried those policies might undermine state laws.

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Florida is on the verge of approving new restrictions for a procedure called civil asset forfeiture.  Gov. Rick Scott has until Saturday to act on the measure.

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Civil asset forfeiture changes are on their way to the governor.  The House approved the reform package Tuesday.

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The Senate took up and unanimously approved changes to the state’s civil forfeiture provisions Friday.  The proposal raises the threshold for law enforcement to seize someone’s assets.

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Monday, Senators took up two civil asset forfeiture bills that pursue slightly different policies to rein in the controversial practice.

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Over the years, organized crime has evolved, and to keep up with it U.S. law enforcement agencies have pushed for newer and more expansive authorities to take on the challenge.  But one of those tools is raising concerns in the Florida statehouse.

Rep. Caldwell (left) and Sen. Brandes.
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Two Republican lawmakers are attempting to rein in a law enforcement practice called civil asset forfeiture.  It allows agencies to seize the property of people who they suspect are involved in criminal activity.