Chief Justice Jorge Labarga

Hamilton County Circuit Judge Andrew Decker is paying the price for ethical violations while he was an attorney and for an overly aggressive campaign.

House Speaker Richard Corcoran.
Florida House of Representatives / Florida House of Representatives

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran is praising the state’s Supreme Court after it formally barred retired judges from weighing in on cases after new justices are appointed.

Florida’s political and corporate elite are nervously anticipating Monday, when  House Speaker Richard Corcoran has promised to name his picks to the Constitution Revision Commission.

In a rare public response to criticism, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga is defending his decision to temporarily extend the service of former Justice James Perry.

Florida’s controversial medical malpractice law is in the hands of a skeptical Florida Supreme Court after justices spent part of Thursday morning grilling a South Florida defense attorney.

Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice George Labarga is creating a new panel of experts to study the state’s legal guardian system.