Big Bend Cares

Tom Flanigan

The full-service health care facility that is the new home of Tallahassee's Big Bend Cares had a public open house on Saturday (11/4). However the event was not without its critics.

Tom Flanigan

The new Care Point Health and Wellness Center run by Big Bend Cares received a formal ribbon cutting on Thursday, 10/26. The facility is set to serve everyone, including the uninsured.

Big Bend Cares is expanding—in both size and healthcare offerings.  The organization broke ground Tuesday on a 27,000 square foot facility.

Big Bend Cares Plans Second Facility

Jul 10, 2015

Big Bend Cares wants to build another facility in 2017. The current Big Bend Cares office is primarily a social work office, specializing in education and comprehensive support for HIV and AIDS patients. The new facility will focus on providing healthcare to those inflicted with infectious diseases.