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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) showed up suddenly Tuesday and addressed Florida's Democratic delegation, urging his supporters to back Hilary Clinton's bid for the presidency.
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Bernie Sanders did not get a lot of love in Florida, losing the state to Hilary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential Primary. But a large swath of Democrats still support him. Now he’s urging his Florida supporters  to back Clinton and unite behind the goal of keeping Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump out of the White House.

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After getting booed at a Florida delegates breakfast Monday, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn’t open the Democratic National Convention as previously planned. It’s the latest after the head of the Democratic National Committee announced she’d resign from her position.

Green Party Wooing Dissatisfied Voters

Jun 10, 2016
Green Party U.S.

The Bernie or Bust movement is still alive, as its supporters maintain their refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election.The Green Party is looking to pick up those votes.

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Although Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to have paved a clear path to the Republican and Democratic nominations, dissatisfied voters are still looking for ways to circumvent those candidates in the general election. With about two months to go before nominations are decided, unrest continues to grow.

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Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are continuing to fight over who will be their party’s nominee. So far, Clinton has more than 500 delegates, while Sanders has 70. Close to 2,400 are needed to win the nomination. And, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson says he’s confident Clinton will win Florida, though he says he’s still unsure who will win the nomination.