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The Trans Am, popularized by actor Burt Reynolds in "Smokey and the Bandit" has been sold to two Tallahassee brothers who restore and build new models.
Todd and Scott Warmack / WFSU-TV

A local car restoration company is being showcased on the Discovery Channel. The show “Trans Am” premiers tonight at 10. 

Adrianne Daggett shows off her armor in the Lion's Tournament (2018).
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU TV

Blade met shield recently as Tallahassee locals reenacted medieval combat in the annual Lion’s Tourney. The battlefield was the Wakulla County Community Gym. Here, rapiers clashed and arrows struck wooden targets, igniting an atmosphere reminiscent of Arthurian legend.

LeMoyne Art Gallery / LeMoyne Arts Facebook

Monday’s Community Redevelopment Board meeting divvied up $3 million  to three arts and cultural groups and a new program, not in the running last week, is now set to receive $1.8 million.

Three Tallahassee-based arts and culture groups are getting closer to securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in local funding. The group doling out the money meets Monday. But there's controversy over whether the organizations that may get the awards are worthy.

West Gadsden Historical Society, Inc.

Gadsden County is asking adults 80 years and older to come forward and share stories about their life for an oral history project.

Emma Langdon Roche via the New York Public Library /

More than fifty years after her death, a new work by Zora Neale Hurston will hit the presses. Barracoon is her account of the last known survivor of America’s Transatlantic slave trade. The Florida anthropologist and author is known for her celebration of black life and culture in the rural South. This latest manuscript will reinforce that legacy.

Florida Memory /

Local preservationists are working to survey a historically black neighborhood that’s feeling pressure from developers. The project could help residents protect the area from new construction.