1000 Friends of Florida

Jason Dearen / AP

Advocates are developing a Florida Forever rescue strategy for next year, even before Governor Rick Scott weighs in on the Legislature’s $82.4 billion spending plan.

subdivision development
Carlton Ward Jr. via National Geographic / http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2015/01/11/2015-expedition-launches-in-everglades-headwaters/

In 2011, Florida made sweeping changes to the laws regulating new development. Now legislators are re-examining how the state is juggling the needs of a growing population. At the time, lawmakers characterized state oversight of development as bad for business, and said rolling back the regulations would boost job creation. Cutting growth management was also a campaign push for then candidate Rick Scott.

Florida became the third-largest state in 2014, and if the trend continues, 33 million people will call it home by 2070, according to a University of Florida report.

Florida House of Representatives

A controversial growth management bill is growing less so. Environmentalists and local governments persuaded the sponsor, Republican Representative Mike La Rosa of St. Cloud, to back off a hot-button issue.

Florida House of Representatives

The same Republican leaders who are pushing to rewrite state water policy apparently aren’t satisfied. Now House leaders are taking their scissors to the massive rule book that governs all the new growth in Florida.