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Perspectives: Vietnam Memories

Sep 7, 2017

In anticipation of the Sept. 17 premiere of: “The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick” on WFSU-TV, we plumb the Vietnam memories of listeners and those of Command Sergeant Major Leon J. Roy IV (U.S. Army Retired) who served from 1957-80.  This program was recorded for delayed broadcast on 4FSU, Comcast Channel 4.

To view the televised version of this program click below.

It’s been 50 years since the last segregated Leon County public school closed its doors (the old all-black Lincoln High School in Frenchtown).  How did school integration take place in Florida’s Capital City and what has changed since then?  To discuss the issue in the run-up to a special series of WFSU news reports on the subject is this Perspectives featuring Leon County Schools Administrator C.B. “Rick” Williams, one of the first three African-American students to enter the formerly all-white Rickards High School in 1965, along with WFSU Reporter Kate Payne.

Perspectives: Suicide Response and Prevention

Aug 24, 2017

Although suicide remains a taboo topic for many, experts say the subject needs much more discussion and preventive resources.  Talking about it are: Mary Bowers and Bill Tice who lost family members to suicide; NAMI Tallahassee Vice President Cindy Foster; and Kelli Mercer with the Behavioral Health Center at Capital Regional Medical Center.

Perspectives: Pets and People

Aug 17, 2017

The majority of American homes already have at least one pet, but more loving homes, volunteers and resources are needed to help the many homeless animals that remain.  To discuss the issue on a local level: Michael St. John, assistant director of the Tallahassee/Leon County Animal Services Center; Lisa Glunt, executive director of the Leon County Humane Society; Gerry Phipps, president and co-founder of Be the Solution (a spay and neuter organization); and Isabell Parker, foster manager for Cauzican Care Animal Rescue.

Perspectives: The Role of Libraries

Aug 10, 2017

As technology advances, placing information literally at our fingertips some have started to think of more traditional sources of information as outdated—perhaps even unnecessary. That’s resulted in budget cuts for many libraries across the United States. But a new study from the Pew Research Center says Millennials are using libraries more than any other generation. And the study says the reason for that may be that libraries are so much more than the big buildings full of dusty books they tend to be associated with.

Perspectives: Youth Mentoring

Aug 7, 2017

The Capital City area has a multitude of organizations and programs devoted to providing positive adult role models and experiences for young people who otherwise might have little access to them.  To talk about their programs are:  Lee Wagner, executive director of Boys and Girls Clubs of the Big Bend; Alva Striplin, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend; and Dr. Willie Williams who heads the Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy in the Tallahassee Mayor’s Office.

Perspectives: Neighbors and Neighborhoods

Jul 28, 2017

No matter where people live, they all live in neighborhoods.  Christic Henry, long-time neighborhood advocate and past president of the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) talks about the challenges and changes facing Tallahassee/Leon County neighborhoods and how neighbors are working together to address those concerns.

Perspectives: Financial Literacy

Jul 20, 2017

When it comes to finances many people are left feeling confused. Navigating the world of   diversification and compound interest can be complicated. On this week's Perspectives our panel of experts break some of those tricky subjects down.

This week's guests include:
Rick Theobald a financial advisor at Waddell and Reed
Matt Hall, a pastor at Canopy Roads Baptist Church
David Beidel a CPA at Beidel and Company

Perspectives: Pamela Marsh

Jul 13, 2017

The former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida provides a primer on how federal investigations are initiated, can proceed and the possible outcomes.  This provides some general context for the recent revelation of a federal investigation into the joint City of Tallahassee/Leon County Community Redevelopment Agency.

Perspectives: Andrew Gillum

Jul 6, 2017

The Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum talks about crime, legislative assaults on home rule, federal requests for voting records and the many challenges of keeping up with local issues and responsibilities while running a very competitive statewide political campaign.

Perspectives: Shakespeare and Race Relations

Jun 29, 2017

Tallahassee’s Southern Shakespeare Company is partnering with The Village Square, John G. Riley House Museum, Goodwood Museum and Gardens and the Leon County School District to solicit stories from the community.  These tales will form the core of the planned production: “A Town Divided: A Story of Shakespeare, Race and Our City.”  To talk about the project is:  Southern Shakespeare Compary Artistic Director Lanny Thomas; Education Director Phil Croton; and Florida A&M University Assistant Professor of Theatre Chris Berry.

Perspectives: Local Business

Jun 23, 2017

Whether buying into a national franchise or starting your own unique enterprise from scratch, Tallahassee is becoming an ever-hotter place to start (and grow) a business.  To discuss this topic in all its ramifications: Jay Revell, vice president of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce; Adam Faurot, CEO of Titus Human Performance Solutions, a home-grown Tallahassee firm with international connections; Josh Desha, assistant vice president and Tallahassee business center manager for Hancock Bank; Joe Berg, founder of Capital City Villager and local business advocate; and Jeremy Matlaw, owner

Perspectives: Guardian Ad Litem

Jun 15, 2017

At the moment, more than 500 minor children in the six counties that make up Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit are being helped by the Guardian Ad Litem program.  To talk about what the program is, how it helps those kids and the need for more volunteers are: Volunteer Recruiter Sara Blumenthal; and Volunteer Larry Carmichael.

The Capital Region has a wealth of summer camps, school programs and special outreach organizations focused on giving girls and young women more personal options and opportunities.  To discuss the many implications are: Kim Kelling, content director for WFSU Public Media; Roxanne Hughes and Carlos Villa from the High Magnetic Field Laboratory; Ericka McKibbon, executive director of Girls on the Run; and Trish Hanson, co-founder of MoLab.

Perspectives: Down on the Farm

May 30, 2017

From the small farm revival to the rise of community gardens and planned agricultural communities, healthful, locally-sourced produce is becoming the hottest commodity in America.  To talk about the impacts on the Capital Region are: Sundiata Ameh-El of iGrow Whatever You Like; Herman Holley of Turkey Hill Farm (a member of the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance); and Molly Jameson with the UF/IFAS Leon County Extension office.

Perspectives: A Full Summer

May 11, 2017

With the 2017 school year coming to a close, students can finally say goodbye for now to geometry, reading comprehension, the laws of thermodynamics and pop quizzes. But it’s much harder to close the book on hunger and food insecurity. More than half of Florida’s public school students are eligible free and reduced price meals during the academic school. But what happens to students in need during summer vacation? On this episode of Perspectives, we speak with some of the folks behind A Full Summer, a food packaging program that helps fill in the gap.

Perspectives: Collectors and Crooks

May 4, 2017

Tallahassee’s Goodwood Museum and Gardens is now featuring a collection of Clementine Hunter’s iconic artwork depicting Louisiana plantation life.  After years of obscurity, Hunter’s work grew to such value that it was forged and FBI Special Agent Randy Deaton led the investigation that led to the forger’s guilty plea.  Joining the discussion with Agent Deaton, Hunter biographer and collector Tom Whitehead and Goodwood Co-Executive Director Nancy Morgan.

Perspectives: Innovating Florida

Apr 27, 2017

A new statewide coalition of business, industry and education leaders has united in an effort to make Florida the nation’s primary site of healthcare research and related product development and manufacturing.  On the studio panel: Ed Moore with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida; and Amanda Bowen with the Manufacturers Association of Florida.  The discussion also features an earlier recorded conversation with Florida Chamber CEO Mark Wilson.

Perspectives: Immigration Reform

Apr 20, 2017

A year-old coalition called “” hopes Florida will be where national immigration reform starts through a coalition of groups advocating “common-sense solutions”.

In studio are: FWD.Fla Organizer Sam Aguilar and Advocate Caesar Hernandez; and on the phone, President/CEO of the Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Julio Fuentes.

Perspectives: Farmers Feeding Florida

Apr 13, 2017

Upwards of 20% of the nation’s harvested fruits and vegetables never makes it to market because, while perfectly edible, it doesn’t meet the appearance standards of commercial grocery stores.  Now a new program called Farmers Feeding Florida aims to divert that surplus produce to needy families who are food insecure.  Our panel is: Robin Safley, executive director of Farmers Feeding Florida; Jay Johnson with JGL Produce, who works with farmers who provide crops to the program; and Second Harvest of the Big Bend Executive Director Rick Minor.

Perspectives: Dental Care

Apr 6, 2017

Members of the Florida Dental Association talk about the newly-released Two Year Progress Report on the accessibility and affordability of dental care in Florida.  They also address some common misperceptions about good dental health and the connection to overall wellness.  On the panel: Drew Eason, FDA executive director/CEO; Dr, Bill D’Aiuto, FDA president and member of the Workforce Innovations Task Group, which developed the state’s Action for Dental Health Initiative; FDA Vice President and Workforce Chair Dr. Jolene Paramore; Joe Anne Hart.

Perspectives: Stomping Out Childhood Obesity

Mar 30, 2017

Leon County’s Eighth Annual “Stomp Out” event is set for April 8th at the Tallahassee Museum.  Begun as part of the community’s campaign against juvenile Type II Diabetes, it now focuses on reversing the exploding trend of childhood obesity.  To talk about that epidemic and the many community resources arrayed to fight it are: Nick Maddox, executive director of the Foundation for Leon County Schools; Courtney Atkins, executive director of Whole Child Leon; Dawn Springs, director of the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Metabolic Health Center; and joining the conversation by phone, Tallahass

Perspectives: Open Lines

Mar 23, 2017

Listeners choose the topics and guide the conversation.

Perspectives: Volunteerism

Mar 16, 2017

Whether it’s responding to a house fire down the road or helping kids discovery the secrets of their neighborhood public library, volunteers form a huge part of our community’s overall response to the needs of all of us.  To talk about that and the many volunteer opportunities now available in our area: Jeri Bush, director of Volunteer Leon; Ellen Piekalkiewicz, executive director of United Parners for Human Services; and Chaires-Capitola Volunteer Fire Department Chief Joe Parks.

Perspectives: Dementia Resources

Mar 9, 2017

Even though there is still no cure or prevention, the number of state and local resources to help patients of dementia and their caregivers is growing.  To talk about it are: Florida Department of Elder Affairs Deputy Secretary Richard Prudom; Debbie Maroney with the Alzheimer’s Project; Demential Caregiver Dr. Regina Sofer; and Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer.