Fresh Picked Prose

Sundays at 5:18 pm

Along with cotton and corn, pecans and pines, the rich soil of north Florida is good for writers. At Florida State University, we raise a good crop every year: memoirists, short story writers, essayists, novelists, journalists, cross-over poets--it's a delicious mix. Some of these young practitioners are doing degrees in Creative Writing; some aren't. Some have published; some haven't--yet. A few will become famous. Have a listen on Sundays at 5.18 pm and be astonished at how much luxuriant growth can be packed into a two-minute story.

Fresh Picked Prose: Chris Mink

Apr 11, 2014

Chris Mink is a 4th year PhD poet at Florida State University.

Fresh Picked Prose: Laura Steadham Smith

Apr 8, 2014

Laura Steadham Smith is a third-year MFA student Florida State University.