The Economic Club of Florida

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The Economic Club of Florida was established in 1977 and is today recognized as one of the South’s most important forums for distinguished speakers on issues of the day.

At the Economic Club of Florida, we pride ourselves on the caliber of speakers that come from around the world to discuss important issues of the day. Our roster of speakers includes national and international figures, ranging from Presidential candidates and diplomats to leaders of business and finance. We have even had the privilege of featuring speakers, such as an astronaut who went to the moon, the owner of the New York Yankees and the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The U.S. Navy is big business in Florida.  It employs some 21,000 enlisted personnel and officers, operates 11 facilities in the state and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact for its neighboring communities.  U.S. NAVY REAR ADMIRAL BETTE BOLIVAR, commander of Navy Region Southeast, provided the details during her April 9, 2018 speech before the Economic Club of Florida.

Running a large safety-net hospital has more than a few challenges.  Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare President and CEO Mark O'Bryant delves into a frank discussion of those challenges, especially in a time of major upheaval in the national health care environment.

Recorded: 5/18/2017

The traditional rivalry between Gators and Seminoles was on hold February 14th as University of Florida President Kent Fuchs visited the Florida State University Alumni Center to speak before the Economic Club of Florida.  President Fuch’s talk centered on how critical all of Florida’s research universities are to assuring a prosperous and innovative future for the state.

The Economic Club of Florida: Jonathan Altman

Jan 20, 2017

Noted international security expert Jonathan Altman talks about what he believes are America’s most dangerous adversaries in this age of global terrorism and uncertainties linked to the spread of nationalist populism.

The Economic Club of Florida: Marilyn Geewax

Sep 13, 2016

NPR Senior Editor for radio business coverage Marilyn Geewax tells the Economic Club of Florida about the possible impact of the current world and domestic economic situation on the upcoming presidential election. Recorded on Thursday 9/8/16.