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Join host Dr. Liz Holifield for "411 Teen", a locally produced program created with teen input for a teenage audience. Guests provide insights into topics that concern adolescents. Programs have enlightened young people on eating disorders, sexually transmitted disease, and dating to name a few.

411 Teen airs Sundays at 2:00 pm ET On 88.9 WFSU-FM.

411 Teen: Dare To Dream

Aug 21, 2015

Dare To Dream Young Girls' Network, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Tallahassee, FL, for girls between the ages of 7 and 17. It has enriched the lives of more than 600 through various activities, workshops, mentoring and tutoring programs. CEO Kimolyn Ferrell talks with 411 Teen about the program.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: August 2, 2015

411 Teen: Boys' Town

Jul 27, 2015

Boys' Town North Florida has been serving children and families since 1983. Children referred to Boys' Town typically are experiencing a current crisis, or have been abused, abandoned or neglected, and have endured chronic family problems. 411 Teen talks with the five program directors of  Boys' Town North Florida.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: July 26, 2015

411 Teen: The S-Word

Jul 20, 2015

In her new memoir, "The S-Word," author Paolina Milana chronicles the struggles and obstacles she faced while growing up with a mother who suffered from schizophrenia. She discusses the complications within a teen/parent relationship where there is mental illness and/or abuse involved.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: July 19, 2015 

411 Teen: A Different Kind Of Same

Jul 10, 2015

Two weeks before his college graduation, Kelley Clink's younger brother hanged himself. In her memoir, "A Different Kind Of Same," Kelley traces a journey through guilt, grief and pain, and the role her own depression played. Ultimately, her path leads toward acceptance, forgiveness, resilience and love.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: July 12, 2015

411 Teen: Environmental Issues

Jul 6, 2015

New warnings from scientists say that the effect of climate change could be drastic if nations do not act quickly. There is a growing effort across the US aimed at getting people to reduce their use of plastic bags and water bottles. The vaccination debate is on the forefront with the increase of measles. Students from Florida High School at FSU explore these and other related issues.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: July 5, 2015