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Sundays, 2 pm ET - 3 pm ET
  • Hosted by Dr. Liz Holifield

Join host Dr. Liz Holifield for "411 Teen", a locally produced program created with teen input for a teenage audience. Guests provide insights into topics that concern adolescents. Programs have enlightened young people on eating disorders, sexually transmitted disease, and dating to name a few.

411 Teen airs Sundays at 2:00 pm ET On 88.9 WFSU-FM.

Students enrolled in the Millicent Holifield Academy Of Health Sciences at Rickards High School participate in 411 Teen's Rap With A Pro series, and explore Pharmacy with Rita Marchessault, from Walgreen's Pharmacy. The panel discusses the demands and joys of being a pharmacist.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: February 7, 2016 

411 Teen: Teen Lifestyles

Feb 1, 2016

Students in the IB program at Rickards High School examine teen behavior and attitudes on subjects like smoking, e-cigarettes, drugs, and other lifestyle issues.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: December 27, 2015 

Rebroadcast: January 31, 2016

411 Teen: The Well-Armored Child

Jan 25, 2016

Joelle Casteix, author of The Well-Armored Child, herself a victim of sexual abuse, talks about her recently published book, a parents' guide for protecting your children from sexual abuse.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: January 24, 2016 

411 Teen: Voting Rights

Jan 18, 2016

Students from Florida State University Developmental Research School explore voting rights issues: the move to lower voting age to 16; disenfranchised felonious offenders, and more.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: January 17, 2016 

411 Teen: Immigration

Jan 11, 2016

Students from SAIL High School discuss issues surrounding the current immigration policy.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: January 10, 2016