Word of South Packs Cascades Park

Apr 10, 2017

Perfect weather and a top-talent lineup kept Tallahassee's Cascades Park nearly filled to overflowing all weekend for the Word of South Festival of Literature and Music.

Joan Osbourne on the Cascades Park Amphitheater stage at the Word of South Festival
Credit Tom Flanigan

While writers like Robert Olen Butler, Christina McDermott and Padgett Powell regaled audiences with tales of the author's art, there was continuous music from groups like Milton Biggham and the Georgia Mass Choir, There were also solo performers like Joan Osbourne, whose Saturday night set consisted totally of Bob Dylan songs. Watching over it all was Word of South founder, former Tallahassee City Commissioner and writer in his own right, Mark Mustian.

"I'm super pleased!" he remarked at the height of the Festival. "Part of my role at the Festival is to wander around and check out all the acts and see how we're doing, how the crowds are and it's been pretty amazing. We're packed out in almost everything, so it's been super good!"

This weekend's crowds widely estimated to be the largest in the event's relatively short history.