"Women For Obama" Urge Florida Women To Early Vote

Oct 30, 2012

“Women for Obama” groups held rallies all across the state Tuesday to highlight the importance of taking advantage of the last few days of early voting in Florida. One of the many Florida cities involved in the “It’s On You to Early Vote” event is Tallahassee.

A small group of women gathered at the Leon County Courthouse to drum up support to re-elect President Barack Obama. Leon County Commissioner Kristen Dozier says it’s important women make their voices heard in this election.

“In Florida, it is on us, as the buttons say, it’s up to us. It’s up to each one of us to come out. We’ve been breaking records in early voting, which is fantastic," said Dozier. "The lines are steady at the courthouse, and all the other sites. And, this is a time to continue what we started in 2008, and I think the momentum is there. It’s very exciting.”

And, Allison Tant-Richard agrees. She's an organizer and volunteer with “Women for Obama” in Tallahassee. Tant-Richard says she voted early, and she took her 84-year-old mother to vote Tuesday morning.

“It’s important to vote ahead of the elections because election day anything can happen. I have a nine-year-old, who I had to take to a walk-in clinic first thing this [Tuesday] morning. I have two other children. I have a mom in a wheel chair," said Tant-Richard. "You just never know what’s going to happen on any given day. So, the sooner you bank your vote, the better it is to support your candidate.”

The “Women for Obama” event was one of 13 events held across the state. Meanwhile, Florida Republicans held several of their own “Romney for President” Early Voting events in other parts of the state.

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