Waterborne Volunteers Clean Up Lake Jackson

Oct 2, 2017

Lake Jackson just north of Tallahassee was the target of a major cleanup effort on Saturday (9/30). Dozens of volunteers were prowling the shoreline in search of trash and debris.

Event organizers held a safety briefing before the volunteers took to the water.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The people gathered early that morning at Rhoden Cove Landing for a pre-cleanup safety briefing. Leon County's Tessa Shriner said the lake just naturally accumulates unwanted material over time.

"Trash comes in from different areas and that can come from overflowing trash cans, people just leaving stuff out and it gets blown into the drainage ditches or the water and that ends up here," she pointed out.

Local paddlers like Cameron Barton made up a large part of the waterborne cleanup crew.

"Lake Jackson has been important to our family for a long time," she said. "I grew up on Miller Landing Road and enjoyed the lake. It's important to keep our beautiful waters clean."

The county expects to schedule another lake cleanup soon.