Vets Step Out on Their Special Day

Nov 14, 2017

The Capital City marked Veterans Day on Saturday with a big parade on Monroe Street. The event was a tangible tribute to all who have served in the nation's military.

Tallahassee's Veterans' Day Parade ran along North Monroe Street to the downtown center.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Following the color honor guard, the line-of-march led off with more than 100 Vets on motorcycles. Right behind that was a car bearing this year's Parade Grand Marshal, Major John L. Haines, U.S. Marine Corps Retired. He was hoping a new generation of Americans will be inspired to serve their country.

"It's an opportunity for a young person, if they want to really excel, if they want to seek their limits, the military is the place!"

And what parade would be complete without high school and collegiate band, including FAMU's world-famous Marching 100?