Update: Missing FSU Student Found

Sep 9, 2018

Dustin Dean Shields was last seen by friends on FSU's campus Wednesday.
Credit Courtesy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office

Update: 7:50 p.m.


Law enforcement have located missing FSU student Justin Dean Shields. The 19-year-old college student was found about a mile from his car when police K-9 units picked up on a scent trail. Officials say Shields was scratched up and dehydrated, but otherwise okay. He was taken to a local hospital.


Leon County law enforcement officers are continuing to search for a missing FSU student. Officials are asking for the public’s help finding 19-year-old Justin Dean Shields. Anyone with information is asked to call the Leon County Sheriff’s office.

Shields is described as a 6 foot white man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He weighs about 180 pounds.

Officers have located Shields’ car on Old Magnolia Road, about a mile North of Rocco Road. His phone and wallet were in the car. Shields was last seen by friends on FSU’s campus Wednesday. Police received a report of someone matching Shields’ description walking near the car Friday.

Officers are continuing their search using K-9 and aviation units.