Update: FSU Releases More Information After Man Dies In Accident At Mag Lab

Oct 21, 2015

Credit Nick Evans

  Update 10/22: Florida State University says Glenn Nix died after workers attempted to remove a steel cap from the end of the water supply pipe and encountered a release of pressurized air and water that propelled the cap forward, striking Nix.

A man named Glenn Nix has died after a workplace accident Wednesday morning at Florida State’s high magnetic field laboratory.  Nix was a facilities employee working on a magnet construction project.  FSU Vice President of Research Gary Ostrander says the accident didn’t endanger the rest of the lab.

“It’s important to point out that this was an accident," Ostrander says.  "The employees in the rest of the building were never at any risk nor was anybody in the community at the time of the accident or now post-accident.”

The accident occurred shortly after 10 in the morning.  First responders pronounced Nix dead at the scene.  A second employee suffered minor injuries.  Lab officials say this is the first fatality at the facility.