Upcoming Jeopardy contestant is a Tally local and FSU alum

Apr 13, 2012

A Florida State University Alumni, academic advisor is scheduled to appear on Jeopardy Monday evening. Regan McCarthy has more.

Trevor Bryan says he’s been what he calls a “huge trivia nerd” his whole life.

“I’ve watched Jeopardy my whole life and grew up in a very competitive household.”

Bryan says to get on the show first he had to take an online test. The test is made up of 50 questions, and gives takers about 8 seconds to answer each. Bryan says that’s to beat people who might try to search for answers on the internet.

“And then if you pass that and you’re selected you go to a regional testing site where they do an in-person test and a buzzer test, and a personality screening to make sure you’re not completely weird. And then from there you go into the contestant pool and you wait for up to 18 months and then one day on a Friday night you get a call saying, ‘hey, we want you to come to Las Angeles.”

Bryan says this is the third time he’s taken the online test and was thrilled this time to be invited to the show.