TPD Buying Back Unwanted Guns

Jun 2, 2016

Credit Keith LaFaille via Flickr

The Tallahassee Police Department is helping residents safely dispose of unwanted firearms.  They’re hosting a gun buy back Saturday.

Over the weekend, police officers will be posted in front of the Seventh Avenue station trading guns for gift cards.  Past events have brought in between 70 and 90 firearms.  TPD Spokesman David Northway says officers are hoping the event will help keep weapons off the streets.

“There’ll be no identification of anybody,” Northway says, “we don’t need a license or your name all we simply are looking for is for someone to drive up we’ll take the guns from you and give you a gift card and send you on your way.”

The department will then destroy the weapons, or if they were stolen, return them to their proper owner.  The event runs from four to eight Saturday afternoo