TPD arrests man attempting to burglarize cars

Mar 21, 2012

Tallahassee police have arrested a man who intended to burglarize several cars in a city neighborhood. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, authorities say it’s because of two local heroes that a criminal is now off the streets.

Tallahassee Police Spokesman Dave Northway says Michael Nesbit and Carin Butler were sitting on a porch at 1325 Jackson Street, when they spotted 56-year-old David Sampson entering several driveways and pulling on car door handles.

“Luckily, all the cars were locked and the suspect did not get into the cars. They then called 911 and told us what was going on and officers quickly got there and were able to locate him, and he was subsequently positively identified for being the one who was doing it and he was arrested and taken to jail.”

Sampson at first told police he was in the area to buy a beer and on his way urinated in the bushes. But, officers did not see any evidence that corroborated his story. Sampson has been charged with two counts of Auto Burglary.