T.C.C. President Decries Legislative Funding Cuts

May 18, 2017

This year’s Florida Legislative Session provided millions of dollars to the state’s universities. But the state’s 28 colleges saw their funding slashed and the president of Tallahassee Community College is urging Governor Scott to block the cuts with his veto pen.

Credit Tallahassee Community College

T.C.C. President Jim Murdaugh said institutions like his were hit hard.

“Somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million across the system,” he exclaimed.

What is the local college’s share of the cut?

“We’re going to be down somewhere between half-a-million and a million-and-a-half,” he estimated, depending on how the Legislature’s metric to apply the reductions to individual institutions is applied.

Murdaugh insisted there’s still hope those cuts won’t happen, if Governor Scott can be convinced to veto the budget line item that contains them.

“I personally have asked that he do that.”

But if that doesn’t happen, Murdaugh said the only option is to start cutting various college expenses with the last resort for T.C.C. being academic program costs.