Talquin Electric Working To Restore Power

Sep 13, 2017

Credit NOAA

Talquin Electric is hoping to have power restored by Thursday night for its members.  The cooperative serves people in Gadsden, Leon, Liberty and Wakulla counties.

UPDATE 9/13/2017 8:50 PM:

Talquin's latest figures show about 1,500 fewer outages.  The total without electricity as of 4:30 in the afternoon is 1,179.  Here's how those outages break down by county:

Leon: 789

Gadsden: 388

Wakulla: 1

Liberty: 1 

Talquin depends on a Duke Energy transmission system, and significant damage on those lines has made it difficult to restore power.  But spokeswoman Maicel Green says crews are making progress.

“Tonight Wednesday night we should have substantially completed our restoration process, and by tomorrow, Thursday, we should be wrapping up the individual services and getting the power turned on for our members.”

And she says Duke has been helpful as Talquin works on recovery.

“Duke has been very responsive, because they suffered a lot of damage,” Green says, “and they were able to still assist us, and get us going and have repaired the damages so that we can get our members on.”

As of Wednesday afternoon Talquin had cut outages to roughly 2,700 from a peak of about 32,000.