Tallahassee's Old Shelter Coming Down

Feb 15, 2017

What for many was a nuisance and eyesore in downtown Tallahassee will soon be cleared for redevelopment.

What was the Shelter at the corner of Tallahassee's West Tennessee and Macomb streets will soon be just a memory.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The now-vacant Shelter at the corner of West Tennessee and Macomb streets will be among the structures demolished starting next week. (On Wednesday, Feb. 15), crews from Great Southern Demolition were already starting to gut the interior of the old Shelter property and the Renaissance Community Center that sits behind it on West Virginia Street. Leon County Commission Vice-chair Nick Maddox, who chairs the Community Redevelopment Agency, said it’s the first step in the rebirth of that 3-acre tract of land.

“We’re all excited about what it’s going to do for our downtown and the entry into Frenchtown, so it’s good times!” he exclaimed.

The old Shelter, which began life as a punk bar called “Tommy’s”, was long opposed by nearby Frenchtown residents who said it was hobbling efforts to improve their community. Before the CRA starts soliciting redevelopment ideas, the agency plans to do a market analysis of what might be the best use for the land.