Tallahassee's best legal minds to be recognized

Apr 27, 2012

This is Law Week and three of Tallahassee’s more prominent legal minds will be recognized Tuesday evening.  Tom Flanigan reports the honorees have made distinguished contributions to their profession.

Florida State University College of Law Professor Paolo Annino has spent years urging state lawmakers to reconsider the cases of very young offenders.  For that, he’ll receive the Joy Aukema Taps Children’s Advocate of the Year Award.

“I started my career as a lawyer at North Florida Legal Services.  My mentor when I started with Legal Services was Mark Taps and so this is a special award for many reasons.”

Sandy D’Alemberte receives the Equal Justice Award.  He also has a personal connection to former Florida Supreme Court Justice Richard Ervin, for whom the award is named.

“I will treasure this in large part because of my great regard for Dick Erwin.  Dick Erwin gave me my first job.”

Leon Circuit Judge Mark Walker is up for the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Excellence Award.  The presentations take place Tuesday evening at Florida State’s University Center Club.  Legal Services of North Florida and the Tallahassee Bar Association will present the awards.