Tallahassee "Women's March" Draws Thousands

Jan 23, 2017

Tallahassee's "Women's March" on Saturday (1/21) attracted a large turnout. This was one of about 600 such events held nationwide protesting the administration of Donald Trump.

Marchers about to begin the trek from Railroad Square to the FAMU Recreation Center.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The local march began at Railroad Square.

Among the marchers, Chris Ellington, who promised, "I'm going to be an activist for however long it takes to give women the rights that they deserve."

Another marcher, Rose Phillips, said, "I think it's important to stand for a vision of America where it's not a dog-eat-dog world but where we are each other's keepers."

And although billed as a "Women's March", there were plenty of men on hand, such as former Wakulla County Commissioner Howard Kessler.

"There's no 'hers' and 'hims'; it's 'us' and we must respect and treat everyone equally," Kessler insisted as a constant stream of participants gathered under rainy skies.

The march then proceeded up Railroad Avenue to Wahnish Way and the FAMU Recreation Center for a rally. Tallahassee Police estimated the turnout at as many as 18,000 people.