Tallahassee Students Get The Chance To Play Lawmaker

Jan 14, 2013

Students from Raa Middle School with Rep. Alan Williams at the 2013
Credit Steven Rodriguez / WFSU-FM

Some Tallahassee middle and high school students had the opportunity to participate in Florida's legislative process Monday. A lawmaker asked for their ideas as he prepares for the legislative session.

State Representatives are only allowed to file six bills per legislative session. This year one of Alan Williams' will come from Tallahassee students. Williams holds an annual contest called the Youth and Politics initiative. Williams will file the winning policy idea from middle and high school students in his district. Rep. Williams said there is a void of future leaders, and there's only one way to fill it.

"By making them aware of what opportunities are, aware of what the problems are, and really aware of how to solve those problems, and so this is just one of the ways of encouraging young folks to get involved in government," Williams said.

Raa Middle School students beat their high school opponents with a plan to combat human trafficking in the state. Representative Williams plans to work with the students to write a bill and present it to the legislature.