Tallahassee Science Festival Future Uncertain

Sep 12, 2016

Thousands flocked to Saturday's 5th Annual Tallahassee Science Festival at Lake Ella. This was the final event under the direction of its founder.

A large turnout for the Tallahassee Science Festival jams the area around Lake Ella.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Not all of the nearly 100 booths showed off today's science and technology. Griff Von Kinderman with the Society for Creative Anachronism had the latest and greatest from the 13th Century.

"At one point, that was the peak of technology and then we took that and we further evolved it into some of the stuff that we use today," he said, while young festival-goers wacked an armor-clad dummy with mock swords.

Some exhibitors were also sponsors. Danny Collins was with Duke Energy Florida.

"We wanted to be here to not only support it but also to let folks know what we do on a day-to-day basis," he explained.

And for event Founder and Director Bill Grace, the sight of so many science-fascinated kids made it all worthwhile.

"It's not just some boring stuff they take notes on in a classroom," he remarked. "It's actually hands-on fun stuff they can do, they can learn, they can get excited about."

But Grace is permanently moving to St. Petersburg next month. That leaves the plans for a 6th Annual Tallahassee Science Festival anything but certain.