Tallahassee Rep. Loranne Ausley Invited To Join National Network of Progressive Leaders

Apr 18, 2017

Florida House Representative Loranne Ausley is one of 14 people who have been selected to join a national network known for pushing progressive policies. 

Known as the NewDEAL, the organization is devoted to cultivating the next generation of Democratic Party leaders. In a press release organization officials say they had selected the Tallahassee Democrat for her dedication to progressive, pro-growth economic policies. Officials also noted Ausley’s vigorous efforts to support public education.

Rep. Loranne Ausley (D-Tallahassee)
Credit Florida House of Representatives

The NewDEAL provides its members a platform to share progressive ideas in areas like education and criminal justice, as well as to connect with private sector leaders. It includes 152 officials in 46 states.