Tallahassee Museum Welcomes Cougar Cubs

Dec 15, 2015

The Tallahassee Museum is welcoming two cougar kittens to its permanent roster.

The Tallahassee Museums's newest residents, two cougar cubs, wrestle and play.
Credit Kate Payne

The species Puma concolor is known by many names: puma, cougar, mountain lion, panther. These six month old females are rowdy and playful, at about 30 pounds each. Animal Curator Mike Jones says the cubs can even purr.

“The puma is the largest of the purring cats because of the way their vocal chords developed, they ossify. And they don’t have as much travel, they don’t move as much so they’re not able to roar,” he said.

The Museum hopes the cubs will help generate new interest in native wildlife. The exhibit opens to the public Friday December 18th.