Tallahassee Leaders Happy With Session Outcome

Mar 12, 2018

Tallahassee leaders are taking stock of what passed and what didn’t this legislative session. Reese Goad is the city’s interim manager

“There were a lot of bills that didn’t pass that we feel like shouldn’t pass that infringed on the ability to have local rule and retain a certain amount of local character and control over your community and we thought that was good. Actually it wasn’t what passed, but maybe sometimes what doesn’t pass," Goad says.

Goad says the city is still working through the details of the state budget but he says officials are “honored” to have received 300,000 for a water tower project intended to help sustain the water supply during hurricanes. The allocation is included in the new state budget, but Goad points out the governor has not yet signed the bill, and has option to exercise his line item veto power.