"Tallahassee Cares" Comes to South City

Mar 27, 2017

Tallahassee's South City area was the scene of a big Community Resource Expo on Saturday (3/25). Organizers said the "Tallahassee Cares" event gives area residents a showcase of the many local services intended to help their neighborhoods.

Some of the booths set up for the Tallahassee Cares street fair.
Credit Tom Flanigan

There were fitness dance demonstrations to help get the blood pumping. Meanwhile, Apalachee Audubon Society's Bonnie Sullivan was using household items to show how various kinds of birds use their specialized beaks to deal with their preferred foods.

"The idea is here is to look at how their bills work, so this is the closest we could come...which one would get the hummingbird juice in?" she asked, with the correct answer being a common drinking straw.

City of Tallahassee Spokeswoman Lizzy Kelly was at another booth a few yards away.

"Today we are out at Tallahassee Cares talking about emergency preparedness to help get you ready for hurricane season," she said.

Tallahassee Cares began a few years ago as an effort to connect more residents of South City with the many resources available to them in a fun, block-party type atmosphere.