Tallahassee Is 'All-America' Again

Jun 14, 2015

For the second time in 15 years, Tallahassee has won designation as the National Civic League’s “All-America City.”  The victory comes at a time when Tallahassee is struggling with an image problem.

Tallahassee rose above it's recent designation as the state's No. 1 in crime per capita to win a new title, "All-America City."
Credit Tom Flanigan

In an acceptance speech in a packed Denver auditorium, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum didn’t gloss over   Tallahassee’s rank as the state’s No. 1 city for crime per capita.

“We’re not a perfect city, but the city of Tallahassee and our citizens, what makes us, I think, so special, which is probably true for each and every one of your communities, are the people who live in it.”

The 75-member delegation highlighted the creation of Cascades Park, and the at-risk youth group, Distinguished Young Gentlemen.

DYG skipped a national step-dancing competition to perform in Denver. National executive director for internal affairs Willie Williams says the group was still grieving last week’s death of 21-year-old past president Markeal Dickey.

“We knew that that was something that he would want us to do, was to continue on the path to our commitment to DYG and our commitment to the city of Tallahassee.”

Tallahassee was one of 16 finalists. It shares the designation with 9 other cities, including Marshall, Texas.