Survey Puts Scott In The Middle When It Comes To Popularity Of U.S. Governors

May 12, 2016

Credit The Florida Channel

Florida Governor Rick Scott is getting more popular, according to a survey of the popularity of U.S. governors. Scott has gone from one of the most disliked leaders in the U.S. to about the middle of the pack.


Governor Rick Scott probably won’t win any popularity contests, but according to the site Morning Consult, about 49 percent of Floridians approve of his job performance. 41 percent disapprove while the remainder are undecided.

A March survey from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling group found Scott at 38 percent favoribility with 48 percent disapproving.

America's Most (and Least) Popular Governors - Morning Consult

Of the 10 most popular U.S. governors, eight are Republicans, one is a Democrat and one is an Independent. Of the 10 most disliked governors eight are Republicans and two are Democrats. The survey comes as Scott considers his political future.

He’s termed out of the Florida governors mansion in 2018 and is rumored to be considering a run for the U.S. Senate.