Support for Kids at Risk on the Menu at Chefs' Sampler

Apr 30, 2018

One of Tallahassee's oldest and most successful fund-raisers for area kids in need took place the evening of Sunday, April 29 at the Centre of Tallahassee Pavilion. This was the 33rd Annual Chefs' Sampler benefiting the Children's Home Society of the Big Bend.

Hundreds of "VIPs" fanned out among the many culinary offerings at the beginning of the Chefs' Sampler event. Many hundreds more of general admission guests flooded into the Centre of Tallahassee Pavilion soon thereafter.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The Society's Executive Director is Charles McDonald.

"We have over 50 restaurants and over 2,000 people who come out and support kids in our community, which is fantastic!" he exclaimed.

One of the Society's many partner organizations in helping rescue children from bad circumstances is Big Bend Community Based Care. Its CEO Mike Watkins had nothing but praise for the Society's efforts.

"They've really been the conduit and the overseer of the foster and adoptive families and the kids who are at risk," he said. "They've done a great job, so now here we are in this community; three generations of Chefs' Samplers."

Producing significant resources for a mission that is expected to become even more challenging as the community - and number of kids facing hardship - grows.