Summit to Focus on Alternative Biofuel Source

Mar 27, 2017

Could this part of the country become a top national source for bio-fuel? This Wednesday (3/29) there will be a major meeting in Gadsden County to discuss that possibility.

Brassica carinata in flower

At issue is an unremarkable-looking plant called brassica carinata. It's a close relative of the plant that produces canola oil. But University of Florida bio-scientist Dr. Sheeja George stressed, unlike canola, carinata oil is non-edible

"That's what the bio-fuel and renewable industry wants," she said. "We don't want to compete with food crops like corn and other stuff. It can be grown in the winter right here in the Southeast because you can grow a crop year-round in the Southeast."

This Wednesday George will help host an all-day summit on the plant and its possibilties at the IFAS Extension Office near the I-10/Pat Thomas Parkway interchange in Gadsden County.