State Workers Slated For Pay Hikes Under House And Senate Budget Plans

Mar 29, 2013

State workers may soon get their first pay raise in more than six years. Both House and Senate budgets include funding for the salary increases. The House version of plan gives state employees about $1,400, and some are hoping the Senate may top that.

Democratic Senator Bill Montford’s district is full of state workers. He represents the Capital City and surrounding counties. He’s been pushing for raises for state workers for years, and says the House’s $1,400 figure is a good start.

“I applaud the House. I think it’s a recognition that’s long overdue, and I’m just delighted that the House has taken that position. Now we need to go in there and see if we can’t find a little more.”

The Senate is proposing a three-percent pay raise for state workers. Their average salary is about $36,500 and a three-percent increase comes to about $1,100 per worker. That's $200 less than the House’s planned increase.

Governor Rick Scott's budget plans called for a $1,200 one-time bonus for all state workers, with additional funds based on their performance.