State releases last batch of FCAT test results

Jun 5, 2012

The  Florida Department of Education has released the final batch of results for this year's  science, math and reading tests for grades four through eight. And across every grade level and in every subject, students in Leon County performed higher than the state average.

" We’re pleased in the sense that generally we did better than we expected to do, and we did better than the state, but you know, you always want to do better,” said Paul Felsch, who heads the Leon County School District's Assessment Division.

Even though he's pleased with the scores, he says the state and Leon County students could still do better. That's because statewide, less than 60-percent of students passed the exams.

Across the state, FCAT administrators expected lower scores because of the newer, harder standards. This year's tests are stepping stones to more rigorous exams coming in the next few years as Florida works to put a nationalized education curriculum, called the "Common Core" in place.  And state officials say students did better than they expected.

 “When we take a look at the results today, our students are on the path needed to be ready for Common Core subjects in the English/language arts and mathematics. So definitely a step in the right direction,” said state Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson, who called the results an indication that Florida students are better prepared for national Common Core education standards than previously thought.

FCAT-based school grades are expected to be released in the next few weeks.