State Regulators: Floridians Migrating To Wireless

Jul 31, 2015

The newest PSC report suggests landline services are increasingly being put out to pasture in favor of wireless service.
Credit Pat Dalton via Flickr

Florida consumers continue to gobble up mobile services according to a new report issued by the Public Service Commission.

Now may not be the best time to invest in landline services.  According to the Public Service Commission’s most recent report, all but one provider lost landline subscriptions in 2014.  And the one whose business grew, expanded at just 1 percent.  Bev DeMello with the PSC’s consumer outreach office says while traditional services are declining wireless is growing.

“Some consumers are going strictly wireless,” DeMello says, “and there are some consumers that have a they’re keeping their traditional wireline service, but they are also have maybe a two wireless, you know they may have one for their business and one for their private use.”

According to the report, Florida had just over 18.9 million wireless subscriptions at the end of 2013—not far off from the state’s population of about 19.5 million.