State employee drug testing squeaks by legislative panel

Feb 28, 2012

A Senate panel narrowly cleared a bill Tuesday that would allow all state agencies to randomly drug test their employees. Sascha Cordner has more:

By one vote, a Senate Budget committee approved the bill that allows for the random drug testing of 10-percent of a state agency’s workforce. Democratic Representative Oscar Braynon, who voted against it, says it doesn’t make sense to move forward while a legal challenge on the issue is pending:

“I just think that this may be a little overzealous right now. There’s currently a hearing going on right now in the courts and we’ll find out if this is even constitutional, so I think we’ll be back next year and we’ll be able to do this, if they say this is something we can do, but at this point I can’t support this until we get further clarification on the Executive Order by the Governor.”

On a 4 to 3 vote, the bill now heads to its next committee stop. A Miami Judge recently heard arguments regarding a legal challenge to an order by Governor Rick Scott last year to randomly drug test state employees. The House version of the bill is heading to the House floor.