State Appoints New Parks Director

Dec 21, 2016

Some Florida park lovers said they were surprised outgoing public service commissioner Lisa Edgar will replace Donald Forgione as the new state parks director. But Bob Ballard, former deputy secretary of land and recreation at the Department for Environmental Protection, said she’s a great choice.

Credit Public Service Commission website

Ballard said he’s known her for 15 years - when they worked together at DEP. He said she’ll protect Florida’s natural resources.

“It’s all about balance. Lisa is, has always been reasonable, looking out for the environment, but using common sense approaches to do that," he said. "And I think she’ll be the perfect person to do that.”

As a commissioner, Edgar approved a natural gas pipeline through Florida’s springs sheds and near Suwannee River State Park. Some environmentalists say they’re concerned the pipeline will contaminate the state’s water.