Sound From The GOP Convention Floor

Aug 29, 2012

Florida Republican delegates almost missed the big show Tuesday afternoon. Florida Public Radio/WFSU-FM's Trimmel Gomes interviews Delegate Susie Wiles, from Ponte Vedra, who arrived at the Republican National Convention minutes before the two O’clock roll call vote to nominate Mitt Romney. The Florida group has been forced to stay farther from convention site because state officials broke GOP rules by holding the Florida presidential primary too early. So, in order to get there, Wiles had to take two buses from her hotel room to the convention site. Her first bus was a no-show.

“There was some sort of confusion with the buses us here… so we take a bus to the stadium and then we take another bus to come here… you to take two buses to get here, only you can’t get the second bus if the first bus never comes.” Wiles said jokingly.

She made it to the convention and was able to catch the end of Ann Romney’s emotional endorsement of her husband.

“…I’ve been in this a long time and have seen a lot of political speeches. But, I have to tell you, that was right up there, heartfelt… I thought it was great.”

Wiles said she has been enjoying all the speakers who’ve appeared at the convention so far.