Shooting Victim Headed Back To FSU

Jan 12, 2015

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Florida State University President John Thrasher said Monday that campus shooting victim Farhan “Ronny” Ahmed should be ready to return to classes in February or early March.

Administrators are doing everything they can to ease his transition, Thrasher told the FSU board of trustees on Monday.

“We’re working on ways in which we can accommodate him in terms of his transportation, in terms of his place to stay on campus, doing something for his mother who plans to be here with him for a while and certainly some other things involving fundraising,” Thrasher said.

Ahmed, whose spine was damaged in the November shooting at Strozier library, will need multiple accommodations, including a specially adapted car and a service animal, Thrasher says. Board Chairman Allan Bense announced that a charitable foundation he founded will donate $5,000 to Ahmed’s recovery.