Sharing Tree Has a New Home

Oct 16, 2017

Sharing Tree Executive Director Carly Sinnadurai was welcoming visitors to her agency's new home Sunday (10/15) evening.

Artists of all ages were enjoying the new Sharing Tree space during Sunday evening's informal grand opening party.
Credit Tom Flanigan

"The Sharing Tree has a new home, folks!" she exclaimed as visitors filed into the space for an informal celebration. "We're now in the Centre of Tallahassee, not the center of the Centre, but actually the section that was part of the old Tallahassee Mall, so we have 7,000 square feet and half of it does need some renovation, so we're going to be doing some fundraising."

The new location is directly across from Stone Age and Victoria's Secret in the former mall retail concourse. The Sharing Tree has two spaces, one of which is bare to the walls. Whereas the Sharing Tree's three previous locations were dedicated primarily to the purpose of warehousing donated and found items for the county's art teachers and other creative types, Sinnadurai said the new space will provide more artistic learning programs for kids and grownups at the new location.

"We want people to come in and feel like they can paint, or glue or what have you, all ages, young, old, students. But that space over there that we need to renovate a bit is going to be our summer camp, winter camp, all our awesome programming."