Several Bay County Beaches Off Limits To Swimmers Until Further Notice

Aug 29, 2012

Bay County Sheriff’s officials say they’re unsure when they’ll remove the double red flags on several county beaches. Until then, it’s illegal for swimmers to enter the water due to extremely dangerous conditions. But, officials say that does not mean visitors can’t enjoy what the county has to offer for this Labor Day Weekend.

Rip currents have been identified in certain areas, but Bay County Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Ruth Corley says officials hope the dangerous conditions, resulting from Hurricane Isaac, dissipate by Thursday. Corley says despite the current water conditions, the weather in Bay County is fantastic and she encourages people to come to the beaches.

“And, we want people to know that they can come and lay on the beach. It’s still a great place to come for a holiday weekend," said Corley. "Just as long as the surf conditions are extremely dangerous, the double red flags will fly. And, as soon as it becomes safer to go in the water, we will change the flags and it will not be illegal to go in at that point.”

She says over the weekend, there may also be high hazard conditions, meaning people can enter the water as long as they do not go into too deep.