Scott Wants Input On 'Unnecessary Requirements To Eliminate' In Education

Sep 18, 2012

School districts and administrators have long complained about reporting requirements and mandates from the state that they don’t get funding to carry out. And now Gov. Rick Scott has announced he’ll convene a panel of five superintendents to find ways to reduce their paperwork. Scott says he wants teachers to spend more time teaching instead of trying to figure out how to comply with state rules and regulations.

“So, what you hear is there is a lot of paperwork, there’s unfunded mandates.  So I want to go through them,” he said.

But many public school supporters remain skeptical of the governor’s recent attempts to reach out.

"What public school educators don't need is a governor who masquerades as an education advocate but proposes and signs state budgets that drastically shortchange education, like Rick Scott did last year," said State Rep. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami.

"Florida needs an education governor, not a politician who poses as an advocate for teachers when it's politically convenient," Bullard said.