Scott Wants 24-Hour Notice Of Major Spills

Sep 26, 2016

Governor Rick Scott is issuing an emergency order in the wake of two major toxic spills.

Contaminated water cascades through a sinkhole in a gypsum stack at the Mosiac's New Wales phosphate mining facility in Mulberry.

The emergency rule requires polluters to notify state and local governments and the public within 24 hours of a toxic spill or other potential health hazard.

Scott is scheduled Tuesday to visit New Wales, the site of Mosaic’s phosphate fertilizer plant.  Residents filed a class-action federal lawsuit after more than 200 million gallons of acidic, reprocessed water spilled into the Floridan aquifer when a sinkhole opened under a gypsum stack.

Critics accuse those responsible for waiting three weeks to notify authorities.

Earlier this month, millions of gallons of raw sewage spilled into Tampa Bay when a treatment plant failed in the wake of Hurricane Hermine.