Scott still undecided on university tuition bill

Apr 12, 2012

Two of the state’s top public universities lobbied the Governor for two hours Thursday to sign a bill that would allow them to raise tuition beyond what is normally allowed. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, Governor Rick Scott, who’s opposed to tuition increases, says he’s still not sure where he stands.

Governor Rick Scott says he’s still undecided about whether he should allow Florida State University and the University of Florida to have the flexibility to set their own tuition rate beyond the current 15-percent maximum limit. Supporters say by doing so, it would make universities more competitive with the nation’s top schools. But, Scott says there are still some questions to consider:

“Where’s the accountability? Where’s the return? If we are going to spend more money in an area, if we’re going to expect our families in the state to spend more money, what are they going to get for it? Because that’s what I think is going to be important to families that want to send their student to Universities.”

Among those who lobbied the Governor include former Board of Governors chair Ava Parker, tuition bill sponsor Representative Bill Proctor, UF President Bernie Machen, and FSU President Eric Barron.